Monday, June 6, 2016

Workshop Blues

Over three hours of cutting and grinding steel, trying to recover parts from the old Bluesmobile out of pieces welded to them and rust. I don't feel like I got a lot done... and I didn't, this is still new to me, and I'm certain I approached some of it wrong... but it feels nice to have accomplished something. My left hand has a buzzing sensation now, though, from the almost-constant angle grinder use, so I think I'll leave it be and see if I can get some answers later, when folks come in.

I'm going to weld something today, at least that frame I cut steel for, even if I don't have legs for it at the moment. I should probably grab a mask, though, just on general principle... I still smell the shop in my sinuses. Probably not ideal, especially if I want to keep my voice.

Metlife says if I ask folks for a little financial help for safety equipment and materials for projects, it won't count as "earned wages" income and impact my monthly check. Which is hypothetically fantastic.

More later!

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