Thursday, June 9, 2016

Music, masochism... here, have a cat!

So, it's been a few days since I posted something. That the last post is called "Workshop Blues" isn't really an indicator of a bad thing, I promise! I've been... busy? But not with anything to really shine about. Nothing bad, just general-purpose busy-ness.

The progress I posted toward cleaning up those pieces was about as far as I'd gotten. I had to take a break, because I wasn't prepared for the smell of burning metal setting into my sinuses or that hours of constant use of the angle grinder would afflict my hand with some manner of vibrating sensation. I did get and cut some more metal for the frame I'm working on, and have a better idea what to do with it: I have a way to hold the frame off the table just a little, so when I attach the legs there will be room to inset something. Then, I think, I'm gonna make some manner of staned-glass creation and drop it in there! I might set another panel of glass over that, though, to protect the "art" and provide a smooth surface to set things on.

I still need to find nuts and feet, though, to attach to the legs. Like I'm some kind of God designing an animal. Which means I should run to the hardware store, I guess. Maybe when the rain stops.

Tuesday was the weekly open house and member meeting. There was also a board meeting, which is open to members, so I sat in and learned a little about how PS1 is managed by this group of members who volunteer to take up the task and are voted in. It was VERY educational, really, but I learned one thing above all else: after hearing horror stories about former boards and board members, this group seems to really have their business together, and while I know burnout is a constant risk... I kind of hope we keep them as-is for a while.

There is the possibility of a small street fair on the horizon... perhaps in September. This was discussed after the meeting, and I'm excited about the idea. PS1 would like to connect with the community, so this could let us show off our Power Racing cars and various cool member projects in science-fair style, and have booths available for other people and businesses to participate. Keep an eye out for more details!

I ended up talking with Andrew, who has kind of taken the lead on our Power Racing project with the Bluesmobile, because I am huge and, once a steering column is dropped into the car, getting me in and out is even more problematic. I am not dropping out of the project, but I volunteered to drop out of driving so we could spend less time worrying about accommodating car design just for me and get the car together, running, troubleshot and roadworthy. However, Andrew has the classic engineer/fabricator mindset... he instead proposed that we keep working that way, but, if we can't arrive at an accommodating design in time to get the car going, then it was good to know that I was willing to sit this season out so they could put together a more conventional car. I dunno... I guess he really likes a challenge. Or is a masochist. Or something.

Yesterday was CAJOO, but Andy wasn't able to make it. That's rough... the event leans heavily on his combination of multifaceted musical talent, expansive ability and willingness to teach, great patience and general affability. We had quite a few folks, though, and just kind of hung out, tried a few songs and joked around for a couple hours. There were a couple talented individuals who definitely helped carry the evening. I feel like I need to learn more so I can better encourage people.

Weirdly enough, I'm getting to be something more than a complete newb with, of all things, the balalaika! Go figure.

The cat Ken brought in last week is in Jennie's care and doing very well! There's some toss-up as to his name... Lyn calls him "PS1," short for "Pretty Sturdy One." Jennie calls him Bloodfang, since he lost a tooth or two and her sense of humor leans that way. I just refer to him as Fangface, but that's one of my default pet name for cats in general. Jennie has had no success finding an owner missing him, so now the goal is to re-house him; Jennie can't keep pets and her roommate is allergic. The cat is awesome, though... pretty young (maybe a year or two old?), housetrained, careful with his claws, clean, no infestations. She had him tested and he's also disease-free (no chip, though). Someone here may want him, but if not... who wants a good cat who's had a rough time? He'll probably be better off as a strictly inside cat, given recent events.

Jennie is en route now for us to do some welding, and then I'm going home to prep for going to NWI tomorrow. If anyone wants a piece of my time in NWI, I'll be at Bianca's, and I'll be around til Tuesday morning. I may or may not post while I'm there.

Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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