Saturday, June 4, 2016

Metal cutting, mad science, board games and chaos!

TL;DW Notes

So I've been up all night cutting and grinding metal in preparation for my first welding project while rocking out to a new YouTube playlist so I can have some practice in before tomorrow's Welding Authorization and Frame Build project for our Power Racing car, the Bluesmobile. We really need to rock out the frame build now, so I want to be able to contribute as best I can. I'm going to make some basic square stands, and maybe even design then to take glass insert tops, just for the challenge, and the big one might even end up being a monitor stand for my home PC. Not that I'm home much anymore. BUT I'm going to wait for Jennie so we can both get in some practice and feel more useful for the frame build auth.

In the meantime, Jennie and I are also planning to learn some basic electronics... we both know bits and pieces, a lot of intuitive stuff, but want more structured education, so she got an 8-in-1 Electronics for Dummies book. We were debating where to start, but then decided we're going to start with the beginner projects, because making a lamp circuit and testing it with a multimeter may sound BORING, but it'll also only take five minutes, so we can just knock out project after project until we wind up where we want to be working (alliteration points!). The book lists the stuff one should have for a "beginner mad scientist's kit," such as a multimeter, breadboard, various resistors, diodes and so forth, so I'm going to see just how much of that we have in the electronics department here and get that kit together so she and I can just dig right in.

Thursday night got derailed for some of us because Ken, on his way in from the Wheaton area, came across a cat that had been hit by a car and was sitting in the road. We're not really supposed to have animals here, generally, but it was unusual circumstances... we checked for anyone in the area that could help without costing an insane amount (no, there was nobody at that time of night), and we gave him a once-over. He was actually not too bad off, fortunately... it seems he lost a tooth or two, and has an abraded front leg, but, after a clean-up and some rest, was moving about and jumping into a chair fairly normally and vocal without seeming panicked. He seems like he's owned... clean, no infestations, very civil even though he still has claws, knows what a litterbox is for... so Jennie currently has him housed and is trying to put word out in the Wheaton area in case someone is missing a rather nice cat. I also managed to miss a step on the stairs and ring the side of my head on a wall, which still smarts a little,mostly when I chew, but no major damage.

I had an awesome time helping unload truck at Oakdale Pantry on Thursday, so that's a thing that happened, too. The people there are very cool and a lot of fun to chat with. I never feel pressured or stressed there. I'd strongly suggest it... you do good, you get a workout and you meet great folks.

TODAY, there's a 3D printer party at 1PM... bring your 3D printer, whatever your level of interest, show off, get help for it if it's not working, print things in 3D! At 3PM is Small Metals Open Office and Jewelry (SMOOJ), feel free to come in and discuss/work on jewelry and fine metalwork. At 5PM is ANALOG GAME NIGHT!!! Come, hang out, play board and card games, whatever! As always, folks are welcome to come hang out, no membership needed, you don't need to be authorized to play, say, Settlers of Catan, since you can't lose life or limb doing so (unless you play it right, apparently). I'll be here til late, myself!

Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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