Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I learned to weld! End of an era. Could still use a hand!

TL;DW Notes:

I learned to weld! Lauren ran a TIG and MIG welding authorization; I psyched myself out of it, but then went back later and she was happy to see me come back and do, so I did! I missed the TIG authorization, but learned the basics of MIG welding! Most important, I learned setup, shutdown and safety procedures, and now it's up to me to go in and practice as I see fit. Lauren gave me a piece of mild steel and told to "make something"... so I'm gonna make something.

I've finally deactivated my old FB account entirely... I no longer get emails, messenger messages, nothing. For all practical purposes, it is GONE. If you want to get back in touch with me, though, here's my blog, my new FB is linked in the upper right, and, chances are, I'm appearing in your "people you may know" field. If we're not friends on my new FB yet, shoot me a friend request! All past aside, you are welcome. I'm trying to fly or fall, and have no real interest in human conflict... there might be a handful of humans that will have to watch second-hand, but the rest are welcome without hassle!

I might start an Indiegogo account or something to fund my projects. I have nothing major lined up, but PS1 is a non-profit educational organization, and I'd like to be able to learn without sweating the cost of every fifty-cent part I break. This is what's holding me back right now; PS1 encourages members to not fear screwing up, because you often learn from it. However, as poor as I am, I'm afraid to try leatherworking, or welding, or experimenting with Raspberry Pi computing, because if I mess up something beyond repair, I may not be able to buy a replacement part. My resources are extremely limited.

If anyone is familiar with such things and has any insight, it'd be welcome.

So, yesterday morning, I couldn't focus on my usual stuff and decided to sweep the wood shop. It was a mess; someone has been working on projects and not cleaning up. I think this might need to be addressed as we expand, because PS1 membership is bigger than ever, and soon we'll add another 4,000 square feet to our space; tidiness will need to be addressed. A lot of people don't seem to bother to move stuff, either, so even if an area looks swept, you can move, say, the band saw, or look under the table saw, or behind the stored ladders and still find a mess. I spent about three hours rocking out to Presidents of the USA and similar and got a TON of cleaning done.

In the meantime, while I still wait for a spark, I'm helping folks with stuff... I just took on a little basic assembly for the tool cage to help organize it. Also, Jennie and I have agreed to mutually learn basic electronics... she's a project junkie and, of course, has a massive 8-in-1 Electronics for Dummies book. Ultimately, neither of us want to do the basic projects needed for such learning, but we're gonna do them together, stuff from the book and stuff from Instructibles and the like, so we both learn what's necessary. With care, of course... electricity is Man's mortal enemy, which is why we imprison it in wires. (With thanks to Scary Go Round!)

Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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