Saturday, June 18, 2016

A More Tangible Concern

TL;DW Notes:

(Before anyone expresses concern over targeted blogging: I have intended to post fire and brimstone about gossipmongery for a while now. This just gave me a focus to work with.)

Gossipmongers. This is an age where memes and cat pics are acceptable substitutes for considered arguments, and, as with any era of human history, gossipmongers will gladly take one sensational tidbit from a much greater message and use it to turn you from a fully-fleshed human being into a two-dimensional caricature of the Boogeyman.

The last video ("Broken") has been reverted to draft because concerns from others reminded me that, in ANY social group, gossipmongers exist. I loathe gossip, and Schadenfreude, and try to be as transparent as possible in every way so there should be no doubt. Even about terrible things, I try to be honest, and if anyone out there is scared of me, or worried about me, you should feel free to open a dialogue with me about your concerns and fears.

I guarantee I am like no human you've ever met. I do not mind discussing these things honestly, with consideration, and will not be offended. I'd rather you asked than guessed, or assumed.

But that video, while brutally honest, may have given the gossip mill grist to grind about me. Plenty of folks like to talk about others without actually talking to them, and that video may have given people something sensational to use to turn me from the person I am... sick, both physically and mentally, but fighting against a broken governmental and health care system to rise above via the goodwill of friends, family, even strangers... into a joke of a monster to thoughtlessly destroy for the sake of their own inward glee, even as they nod sagely among themselves and agree that "it was for the best."

Because gossipmongers, like drunks, like drug addicts or child molesters or woman stalkers, prefer to socialize only among themselves and others who reinforce their delusion that how they see things is the right way. Unlike the others, though, gossipmongery is so prevalent that their social bubble is harder to burst with reality. The best you can do is remind them that their two-dimensional paper targets are actually three-dimensional human beings, capable of feelings and deserving of basic human respect.

I'm not going to spend any more time dwelling on gossipmongers without further cause. If you enjoy gossip and Schadenfreude, well... in one of my favorite books (Neil Gaiman's "Sandman," specifically the story "Men of Good Fortune"), one character tells another "It is a poor thing, to enslave another. I would suggest you find yourself a different line of business." I feel similarly about gossipmongery and Schadenfreude. And before you damn me for comparing gossip to slavery... no, I do not consider it a lesser evil. Either way, you stand poised to destroy another human life for your own pleasure.

As for the rest: again, I am not like normal people; I am EASILY approachable, and try my best to be honest and transparent... even, quite possibly, to my own detriment. If I don't know you, your comfort and well-being will usually supersede my own, and that is my choice... but I would rather communicate honestly with you than have you wonder, assume and fear anything about me.

Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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