Friday, May 27, 2016

Math, music and Power Wheels

TL;DW Notes:

So if I go too long without posting, I talk so much that the video becomes too big for Blogger to accept. Which means I need to blog more often. Okay.

My hours are all backwards... it's now early afternoon and my day is just starting. I've been at PS1 pretty much every night... overnight... for the last week.

Last night was a Power Racing team meeting; we discussed frame design and Jeremy talked about the engineering and physics involved in car frames... and then assured us that, since we're doing tiny cars at relatively slow speeds, most of that isn't a concern. We use a set caster and camber, toe in/out isn't a concern, and a ladder frame will be rigid enough for our purposes. There was discussion of the function of a motor controller and whether we should use a factory-set one or try to code our own... we don't have time for the latter, I guess.

I barely hung on by my fingertips and asked what I feel were some blatantly stupid questions. I actually got an eye-roll from one of the other teammates at one point. Jeremy, however, insists there are only two stupid questions and I didn't ask either, so I'm trying to not get too down about it.

I set out last night to try and do a little writing for World's End Chronicles; instead, I ended up on Khan Academy continuing to brush up on my algebra. I'm up to factoring and simplifying radical expressions... not deep, but I made a lot of progress last night.

Jennie found this MASSIVE 8-in-1 Guitar for Dummies book somewhere and gave it to me to help. Right off the bat, I learned something useful... that, when sitting, I shouldn't be supporting the neck with my fretting hand... and that's kind of a revelation for me. I'm still just practicing G and trying to build those callouses on my fingertips, but it helps make the workload on my fretting hand easier. However, the guitars available for practice are starting to just feel small... that's a problem. I'm having trouble controlling the tiny guitars!

Jennie's balalaika, however, won't stay tuned... I've also been having fun fiddling with that, so that's a little bit of a bummer. Still nifty, though.

Time to clean up and head back! Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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