Friday, May 6, 2016

Woodworking authorizations! Hanging out, sleep dep, upcoming tour video, visiting NWI

TL;DW Notes:

Got authorized to use the woodworking tools this evening... however, I don't feel confident enough to just charge into doing whatever, and I might take another woodworking authorization class just to better set what I have learned. I'll need to come up with simple but productive projects for me to do on each device to better cement my understanding of their use and care and safety practices, probably with the help of a more practiced member that can lend their insight.

Also, just hung out with Justin, Jennie and Lynn and one of the other new members (I can't remember his name!) for a while, joking around, trading stories and talking about some of the things PS1 has coming up, especially the Mini Maker Faire this saturday at Schurz High School on Milwaukee from 10 AM to 4 PM. Go take a look around at all the neat tech and enjoy!

I didn't make it in time to make that tour video, but I'm going to do it with Jennie's help this afternoon. Depending on who else is around, I may also rope others into adding to it.

I have sleep problems and have pretty much all my adult life; it's a side effect of my condition, but it's been such a fact of life that it's old hat to me. I often get nowhere near enough sleep and then, occasionally, crash for half the day... this isn't because of anything, diet or exercise or drugs, just because my body doesn't regulate its metabolism properly. I usually have 2-4 extra hours in my day, but it's taxing and unpredictable.

Because of this, I can ride the clock around and end up sleeping at odd times no matter what I should be doing. I have some tools to deal with it, but, since my body responds poorly to most sleep aids (even melatonin makes me useless the next day), and my time homeless has given me REMARKABLE walking-sleep responses (so even klaxon alarms across the room can be turned off without me actually waking up), those tools are usually brute force and often boil down to "stay awake a really long time and crash when I should be sleeping." Once I get it lined up right, it usually works to some degree for the next week or two, with a slow slide later and later.

I'm mentioning this because, obviously, my hours are completely bass-ackwards right now, and I need them straightened out for this weekend (i.e. tomorrow) so I may end up just staying up all day and that tour video might bear witness to me going a little loopy from sleep dep. BUT others will be involved, and they should be able to help me stay on-track if I go too far astray!

I'm not going to do TL;DW Notes for my first few videos. I've done a few now, and will continue to do them from here on out, but going back to do them is just an unnecessary hassle. I hope you appreciate those posts as they stand.

I'm going back to NWI this weekend to spend time with people I care about. If you're gonna be in the area and have time, drop me a line and we'll see if we can't work out some hangout time! Keep in mind, though... I'm coming in on the South Shore: no car.

Be excellent to each other, and enjoy the awesome weather we're supposed to have today!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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