Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hackerspaces want YOU!

... to come, visit, hang out, see what we're doing, think, imagine, create, join the movement and do something great, or fun, or silly, or weird... whatever! Do something!!!

TD;DW Notes:

Hackerspaces are awesome! Went to the meeting for the Power Racing Series, met others interested. Patrick is basically the man who started it, Jeremy is also deeply involved, they had a lot to say about what they've been doing.

Jennie had the idea that, since Patrick and Jeremy were so far along with their vehicle and the first race was coming up, but Jennie and I are COMPLETE NOOBS when it comes to any of this, so she suggested we form our own group and do our own car. We're gonna screw it up, we're gonna break stuff, but we're gonna learn STUFF. Not a car to compete, just a car as a shared learning experience. (Others have since joined the project, it's very exciting!) In the meantime, Patrick and Jeremy are still going to advise and encourage us. They want people to just get involved, get excited, do this thing!

I also talk (again!) about the fact that YOU can just STOP BY... it doesn't have to be a big deal. Stop in at PS1, hang out, look around, ask questions, see what people are doing, talk to them, enjoy it! Pumping Station: One LIKES the public coming by to see what they are like, and is a VERY encouraging environment whatever your interest!

I still need... stuff. I go into it in the video, around 6:40. I could use tools, materials and such, and the 'space welcomes donations of materials and resources. If you have stuff not being used and you feel bad that it's not being used, consider donating it to PS1, or a local hackerspace or open workshop, or do something with it!

(I'll say again, now, I still need a bicycle, although I've been offered one and I just need to get it from East Chicago to Avondale, I need an acoustic guitar, and I THINK I'm going to need a laptop... nothing fancy, but at least Windows-7-era, although I can't promise I won't install Ubuntu on it. I also need tips and project ideas, no matter how basic. It's how I'll learn!)

"Gullible" is written on the ceiling. If you don't believe me, and maybe you shouldn't, then come investigate for yourself!

I spend some time talking about the amazing energy of the community, PS1 has a fantastic assortment of tools for whatever technical and/or artistic endeavor you undertake and members that just want to help you do or learn whatever your interest is! It's a wonderful self-empowering community that just wants people to create and share! Expand your horizons, learn, create, share, encourage each other, be happy and share the ideology!

I might just stash some groceries there so I can just start being there more, although Jewel-Osco is RIGHT across the street so that may not even be necessary.

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