Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guitar, banjo, Power Wheels power makes it go!

TL;DW Notes:
I was too exhausted when I got home to do this last night, so here is a post today!

Last night was the PS1 band night, I'm still not sure whether we're going with "Cable Access Jammers" or "Community Access Jammers," but, either way, the Open Office hours notation in the PS1 Events calender spells CAJOO and that's hilarious. I still like the first for the silly "Wayne's World"-esque feel, but either way you should feel free to come by! There tends to be extra instruments, and the idea is that you don't need to know ANYTHING to pick up an instrument, noodle around on it, maybe learn something from another member (or show someone something), and just jam a little, maybe sing, whatever! So far, I have to admit, I'm enjoying myself.

I didn't learn anything new on the acoustic guitar, but it's been a couple of weeks and it was nice to get a refresher on what I knew. I also learned a bit more about their arrangement in a song AND... I learned a little about banjo! Andy has a banjo with the back removed (less twangy that way... less bright and more mellow) and he tuned it as well as the guitar to an open G so I could use the slide if needed, because of my tremors. I'd been having some mechanical trouble with my hands the last couple of days.

Side note: This stuff, even coming at it sideways as I am, is FANTASTIC physical therapy for my fine manual motor control! I love it!!!

Anyways, today, this evening, is the first real meeting of Team N00b, the team of clueless newbies that wants to work on making Power Wheels go unsafe speeds while carrying adults for entertainment and competition purposes! We're going to give the Bluesmobile a good once-over and maybe disassemble it like Johnny-5 to get a closer look at how it's put together and just what it needs in the way of TLC and MOAR POWAR!!!

... sorry. Really excited. This is gonna be fun!

I'll say again, if you wanna see this firsthand, maybe come by, hang out, whatever.

Lastly, I think it's time I learn a bit more in the kitchen. I just REALLY need to get a better handle on my dietary practices; I'd like to just be able to eat healthy without a lot of thought. I want food to be less prominent in my life, so I'm hoping to work out something where I can just put together several days of meals or meal-ready components in advance and then eat with minimal thought for a while. I've quit soda and largely quit fast food already, I think I'm ready for the segue.

Be excellent to each other!
Jonny friggin' Panic

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