Sunday, May 22, 2016

Firsts! Yay!!!

TL;DR Notes:

My first video on my new laptop AND my first post from Pumping Station: One!!!

The laptop is actually turning out nicely, XUbuntu Linus isn't as scary as I'd thought, and finishing setup has been pretty easy with the very useful information that opening page provided! Not to mention FreeGeek did a lovely job refurbishing the machine. It's fairly nice, really... 15.6" display, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, dual core processor... I'm actually pretty pleased. It's also been an easy and interesting introduction to Linux; the community has obviously worked hard at making this accessible to new users like me!

Analog Game Night was tonight... I finally played Settlers of Catan! I didn't win, but I got to 9 points (you win at 10), and it wasn't a really cutthroat group, just a casual group, a little wheeling and dealing and some good fun. The game took over five hours, though, but part of that was a stop for food and other stuff. We also played Give Me The Brain!, a zombie card game, but people were winding down by then.

The guy running the group also showed me a book called "Cooking for Geeks" by Jeff Potter, which reads like Cooking for Dummies targeted to me! I'm actually giving it a read and it's quite good, assuming you know nothing and explaining stuff like why cooking works like it does, the tools, the processes, etc... I think, maybe, I can actually learn to cook! Edibly!!!

He's doing a little sort-of cooking class tomorrow on the induction stove top, so I might pick his brain and learn a bit about cooking a better grilled cheese.

Yet another thing I'd overthought that I'm learning, here at PS1, is not such a big deal and not so hard!

My sleep hours are sliding around the clock, again... it's after 1:30AM here... but much of what happens here happens in the afternoon and evening, so that's okay. I'm gonna putter around here, on my laptop, with this book on cooking, on a guitar Andy still has here, until maybe sunrise, walk home, sleep, clean up, and come right back!

I might even get that video tour done! Finally!

Also, there's a new gym a block away... I can't afford a membership ($70 a month), but they have a rock climbing wall and people here have been going now and then just to climb. If you're not a member, it's $18 per visit... I really really really want to do this, at least once in a while, so I'm gonna try to go for the training class after I get my check and try to budget a visit or two next month!!!

Anyways... hooray for firsts! Enjoy the weather, go out, do things, make plans, accomplish and be excellent to each other!

Jonny friggin' Panic

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