Friday, April 29, 2016

I think I agreed to make MORE POWERFUL POWER WHEELS!

Edit: "Authorizations"! That's the word I was looking for!

This is Justin, the President of PS:1's board, using Andy's neat conceptual tool for learning guitar. Yes, that's my badass old hat Bob on the table.

For those who don't know: Bob is the hat that survived ALL my homeless wandering. He is a genuine badass, and has probably kicked more ass than many people I know. That's why the inner headband is stained with sweat and blood (mostly my blood), and the brim is bent and fitted to my fist. He's falling apart, and the coat that went with him is ready to be buried, but he's still quite possibly my dearest possession, and more valuable to me than the average Human life!

Pause for violin solo!

... and here's the band. I'll learn names eventually. I now know that's Andy taking the pic. Jennie, who organized all this, is hiding behind a Russian balalaika she... refurbished? I think?

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