Saturday, April 30, 2016

Post-shower rant: Those stuck languishing in disability. Where is the money for Bernie's ideas? Predatory capitalism.

Post-shower. Fed, fueled, fired up, fed up and angry.

Edit: I stopped and watched this, something I don't normally do with my videos.

I worked for Lowes for three months last summer, a seasonal position that I hoped would transition into permanent employment in an area I was interested in.

They didn't look into my disability at all (which I disclosed in my application) until I brought it up as a concern.

During a discussion with management, one of my immediate supervisors flat-out told me, in front of her supervisor, that she was not there to be on my team. A store assistant manager tried to steamroll me every time I tried to speak because I didn't speak fast enough to satisfy him. I finally had to put my foot down and tell him that him doing so when I was struggling to speak made me uncomfortable and frustrated.

They used an experimental third-party hiring process that had no regard for past work experience. Multiple department managers I talked to expressed their surprise and disappointment at this procedure, because they kept finding new hires in their department that they'd never met and didn't know were coming. To me, this is a security hazard, because it means anyone who can swipe (or make) a Lowes vest could pop up in a department, say they're a new hire and get access to sensitive equipment like registers and high-value goods. It's also completely demeaning to the new hires.

Because of this third-party process, I ended up in a cart-chasing position that had me walking (literally, my phone has a pedometer) 20 to 25 miles a day and climbing stairs (rolling steps) repeatedly. My toenails turned black and fell out. I had wanted to unload trucks or build and repair grills and other things. Or both... assembly and repair positions have slow seasons and that can be filled with maintenance and receiving work.

I was making just over $10 an hour. Between taxes, Metlife, travel expenses and food expenses (because high-speed walking 20+ miles a day consumes calories), I was making less than $2 an hour. There are probably days where I lost money to work at Lowes, thank you Lowes and Metlife.

In the end, because I finally asked for accommodation after trying to just cope, they chose to dismiss me as a seasonal hire, despite my expressing interest in other departments where I had experience.

It turns out that aspects of their experimental hiring process, besides resulting in many unsocialized new hires popping up in unexpected places and hired for fields they had no experience in while being completely passed over for fields they were familiar with, included legally questionable actions that some people have moved against. I've gotten notice of a class action against them for this experiment, which hiring process completely removed the human factor from hiring to save a few people some time and hassle. It was a travesty, and I'm still debating whether to be part of the class action or explore options of my own.

Why am I putting this here? Because I said in an earlier post that you should be noisy. In three short months, Lowes demonstrated PHENOMENAL lack of basic human consideration for myself and many other new hires, and it shows in how their management handles employees.

I'm sorry, this is not at all what I intended for it to be.

I don't watch my videos after I make them, so I'm pretty sure this is a mess, but whatever.

Friday, April 29, 2016

I think I agreed to make MORE POWERFUL POWER WHEELS!

Edit: "Authorizations"! That's the word I was looking for!

This is Justin, the President of PS:1's board, using Andy's neat conceptual tool for learning guitar. Yes, that's my badass old hat Bob on the table.

For those who don't know: Bob is the hat that survived ALL my homeless wandering. He is a genuine badass, and has probably kicked more ass than many people I know. That's why the inner headband is stained with sweat and blood (mostly my blood), and the brim is bent and fitted to my fist. He's falling apart, and the coat that went with him is ready to be buried, but he's still quite possibly my dearest possession, and more valuable to me than the average Human life!

Pause for violin solo!

... and here's the band. I'll learn names eventually. I now know that's Andy taking the pic. Jennie, who organized all this, is hiding behind a Russian balalaika she... refurbished? I think?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home improvements and fun with the band!

I'm having so much fun, and I'm glad I'm continuing to do this. I'd still like to see others check this stuff out!
I also still need a regular workout buddy to go with me to the gym. No charge, I can take one other person with me when I go. Let's make this a regular thing!

Edit: The details of the celebration! It's 8 PM til 10 PM tomorrow evening. 3519 N Elston Ave, description says "Come celebrate our 501c3 status. Bring something to share and we will have cake and ice cream. Meet me in the lounge. This event open to the public."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Creative? Enlightened? Join! Help!

Addendum again! But this isn't such a big deal, so I'm just gonna post it here:

I have no idea what I'm doing with the mechanics of this blog. I'm not really interested in making money off it, but I feel as though I should be... posting... tags? Or something? To improve it's public visibility? I don't know. No clue. I also feel like the vids could be edited down a bit, but, again, no clue. Any "for Dummies"-level information people can provide me (or any help, if someone I trust wants to take a hand in this) would be appreciated. The person I would have asked first no longer talks to me, nor I her, both of us with cause.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's lose some viewers!!! (Or: let's drive away cowards who don't want to have consideration for others!)


Edit: I'm not going to post direct information about that rapist pick-up organization. Here's an article about a meetup they tried to organize back in February.

I know... you can't be bothered to think about this stuff

Also, I didn't realize that the blog doesn't automatically make provided links clickable. I've figured out how to resolve that, so please feel free to visit/revisit links provided in prior posts.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Way too much excited rambling!

By the way... it kind of caught my eye. That's not a bible back there, it's my hardcover copy of The Hobbit. I've been reading it chapter by chapter while eating breakfast and enjoying some sunshine in the mornings.

BUT yes, this Pumping Station: One seems just fantastic! I'm going to just join and see what I can get into just to be doing... stuff. I'm sorry, the vid is rambling and kind of circles back on itself, but I'm just that worked up!

Friday, April 22, 2016

New Facebook!

I'll say it again: This is not some silly test or anything. I am grateful for my friends, and any help and advice I get. This whole project is weirdly extreme... or maybe it just seems so to me, because I'm not used to asking for help... and I'm glad for the patience and goodwill of others. Please join if you want, please don't if you don't feel so inclined. Either way, this vlog is public and you are free to check in as you so please.

Welcome and thanks

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